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    Fathers Day Poems, Happy Fathers Day Poems 2018 : Here we will provide you with Fathers Day Poems for the year 2018 which is been celebrated on Sunday, 17th June. Fathers day was started in the year 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd who was born in Arkanas. Celebrating Fathers Day Poem and making your Father happy is the special moment for you, so for celebrating a Fathers Day we have a collection of Fathers Day Poems.You can use these poems to send it to your Father.

    Top Poems About Father:

    Poems About Father

    Poem #1 : Happy Father’s Day

    My dad
    Is always here for me
    No matter what
    He will help me
    When I’m sad
    Or when I’m just in need
    That I love about him
    He wants me to stay his little girl
    But I can’t do that forever
    Its time for me to grow up
    And have a life of my own
    He doen’t want me dating
    Even though I am.
    This is what I need to do
    But I will always love him
    No matter what
    I will have my dad in my heart forever

    Poem #2 : Dad..dear dad

    A ringing alarm woke me up today,
    For three seconds, then my eyes closed again.
    The clock is ticking and I’m still dreaming of you my prince charming.
    Dad’s voice woke me up again.
    Looking at the clock with lazy eyes.

    Out of the blue; my dad’s pic popped into my head,
    Heading to the hospital with mom on his side.
    My eyes opened wildly and my heart’s beat was fast.
    I dressed quickly and went outside,
    Trying not to tear from what’s gonna happen.

    It’s true that my mom is standing next to you,
    But we’re all there with our loving hearts,
    So dad; be solid, strong like the tree.
    The tree that have the strength to bear the pain.

    I wish I would’ve done it instead of you, daddy.
    I’ll bear the pain if it was in me.
    But I can’t Stand seeing you in pain at all.
    I love you dad with the bottom of my heart.

    Poem #3 : Daddy please dont leave

    Daddy why did you leave me?
    I want you to know I dont agree.
    Daddy I begged you to stay,
    But I guess I wont see you today.
    I wish you would open your eyes just to see,
    That something is wrong with me.
    I feel like you just walked out,
    I feel like you left me with no doubt.
    All I wanted was for you to love your daughter,
    But now I know youre not a good father.
    You were never a part of my life,
    You are the reason I have all of this strife.
    Youre going to wake up one day and see,
    Im not the girl you wanted me to be.
    Im never going to forgive you for what you did,
    It just seems like i’m not yourI’md.
    Things arent the wayy I want them to be,
    Daddy I just want you to know me.
    I want you to know you bring me down,
    You are the reason why I frown.
    All I have seen of you is your back,
    So being a good father is something you lack.
    Daddy youre going to wake up and be alone,
    And realize how it feels to be on your own.
    All you ever did was lie,
    All you ever did was make me cry.
    The real love in your life is money,
    How you made me feel in never going to be funny.

    Poem #4 : Dear Father

    Are we family?
    I dont know daddy.
    Freedom with me usually
    You told me last night,now you back once a month}
    Our distance is getting further away
    My tears dropped,but still told you that was fine
    I forgot the smile on your face
    And also those happy days
    Still chatters n laughters?
    No. We fake a smile telling people our happiness.
    How many photos have we taken?
    Do you care about our days?
    Tell you what,I’m 14 now.
    Yes, your little girl is growing.
    Someday ,I’m leaving you away
    I wont turn my head back to that days
    Sick of lying to myself
    I have a normal family.

    Poem #5 : Letter to Daddy

    Fathers Day Poems

    The pen is nervous as it shakes in my hand,
    waiting for this mental block to expand.
    A letter to you, my only fear,
    A letter that may bring a smile or a tear.

    A letter about the years you’ve missed,
    There’s been so many, I have formed a long list.
    Tell you about my life and my new dad,
    Secretly wishing you’ll care and be sad,
    Be sad you were never a part of my life,
    Too bad had to leave us and get a new wife.

    Without you, I’m half empty, half full,
    To lose the feeling I’ll need an extra pull.
    Will you help me or do you not care?
    Will you just watch as I squirm and stare?

    My new father is better, no doubt.
    He took the time to learn what I’m about.
    Unlike you, he loves me so.
    Unlike you, he lets me know.

    There is a crash as my pen hits the floor,
    That’s it, I can’t write anymore.
    So here is the letter I’ll never send.
    So here is the heart you’ll never mend.

    Poem #6 : Fathers Day

    To a Mother
    Whos Come To Know Me Well
    To a Mother
    Who Brightened Up Life’s Hell

    To a Mother Who
    Took Care Of Me Since I Was 12
    When My Father Passed Away
    Her Presence Never Dwelled

    To a Mother
    We Celebrated Once Before In May
    It Is June Again And Yet Its Still Your Precious Day

    To a Mother
    Who’s Giving All That She’s Had
    To My Mother
    My Father And My Dad

    (Thanks 4 Being Everything)

    Poem #7 : Father’s Day Poem

    When you two were born I was filled with joy
    To have in my life, two loving little boys

    With love in my heart as I’ve watched you two grow
    There is something I now want you to know

    I sometimes took you for granted, not knowing what I had
    And I cry not being able to hear you say “I love you, Dad”

    I love you two with all of my heart
    And hope one day soon, there will be a fresh start

    Josh and Zach, you mean the world to me and I just want to say
    I wish to God you were here with me on this sad and lonely Father’s Day 2018 Poem.

    Dad Poems

    Poem #8 : Father’s Day Funnies

    A day given to a male,
    Who knocked up a girl.
    She might have still been a teen,
    But he ruined her life, sent her life for a whirl.

    This day should be special,
    But it’s given to those who don’t deserve.
    It’s not to say all guys are jerks,
    Girls lead them on with seductive flirts.

    So on Father’s Day show your love,
    Sperm Doners are people too!
    And despite your emo thoughts of hate,
    He loves you, thats why he made your mother late.

    Poem #9 : A dad who is everything

    When asked what you do
    You reply “Just a lorry driver”
    How wrong you are!

    Father's Day Poems

    You may not be a doctor
    But you have nursed me when I was unwell
    You may not be a policeman
    But you have punished me for doing wrong
    You may not be a solicitor
    But you have always given me good sound advice
    You may not be a airline pilot
    But in life you have taught me how to fly
    You may not be a comedian
    But you have shown me how to make myself and others laugh
    You may not be a psychiatrist
    But you have taught me its not wrong to cry
    You may not be a fireman
    But you have rescued me many times
    You may not be a boxer
    But you have always fought my corner
    You may not be a famous actor
    But you have taught me to act with self respect and confidence
    You may not be a preacher
    But you have listened to my beliefs and accepted them
    You may not be a poet
    But you have taught me how to show love
    You may not be an astronaut
    But to me you are the greatest man on earth

    So you can say your just a lorry driver
    Because it’s a little of what you do
    But to me you are all the above
    I’m so proud my dad is you

    Poem #10 : The One I Call Dad.

    The One I Call Dad..
    He Is the One I Call Dad.
    He didnt have too take the call.
    He took the Call because Hes a Man.
    Now, This I what I call A real Man.
    He Took the time out, Always there for me
    With an Open hand.
    No One Knows what ALL he has done for me.
    Now this Is what I call A man.
    This Is why I call him My dad..